Interview with Viola Tan

1. How do you do your daily look and how long do you usually take?
My usual look is natural with just light water base foundation, loose powder, and eyeliner. I take about thirty minutes to get ready before leaving the house.

2. With your Brow Resurrection/ Eye Define, do you feel like it has helped with your daily look?
BR definitely framed my face and cut short my time taken to get ready as I no longer need to touch up my brows to make them look more defined.

3. Do you think that personal grooming is important in today’s world and how do you think it helps empower a woman’s confidence and self-esteem? Do you think that the use of BR and Eye Define has helped it?
Being at the helm of dressing women and in line with Love, Bonito’s motto of “Empowering Confidence Through Style”, I am definitely a big believer that personal grooming is one important factor in empowering a woman’s confidence and self-esteem. BR has definitely helped as I keep getting compliments about my beautiful and well-groomed brows.

4. Describe one incident where you had a beauty emergency?
I once spilled milk tea all over my white blouse and made the situation worse by trying to wash it out. However, I had a good laugh over my clumsiness, walked out of the bathroom trying to be somewhat nonchalant about it and realized, actually no one really gave a damn.