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Interview with Sara Wee

1. How do you do your daily look and how long do you usually take?
My daily look is really just SK-II’s Facial Treatment UV Protection SPF50 and Make Up For Ever’s Ultra HD Concealer for days my eye bags decide to become luggages. I apply as little make up as I possibly can when I’m not onstage!

2. With your Brow Resurrection, do you feel like it has helped with your daily look?
I LOVE that I can just roll out of bed, wash up and head out the door without doing anything because my brows are ALREADY THERE. As someone who’s rather hairless (especially on my face), it’s frustrating to have to “put on” my brows. BR Define is the best thing ever!

3. Do you think that personal grooming is important in today’s world and how do you think it helps empower a woman’s confidence and self-esteem? Do you think that the use of BR and Eye Define has helped it?
Personal grooming is important for both men and women because when you take care of yourself, I believe it subconsciously makes you feel equipped to take care of others. I used to be so self conscious as a teen at the beach cause the minute my brows touched water and I rubbed my face, they’d disappear. So it’s really great to have that confidence that my brows are here to stay, on my face.

4. Name the beauty tip for women with limited time in the mornings and evenings?
A little colour goes a long way. I think just making sure your brows are neat, dark rings are concealed and cheeks are given a healthy glow is more than enough for a whole day!