Interview with Kelly Latimer

1. How do you do your daily look and how long do you usually take?
My daily look (if I’m not working) is pretty basic. A bit of BB cream, a dollop of mascara, brows and balm. If I have to do my lashes and brows, it’s easily a 20-minute routine.

2. With your Brow Resurrection, do you feel like it has helped with your daily look?
It’s halved my time! I’m done and dusted in 10 minutes, it’s brilliant. My daughter is happier because less time painting my face means more play time with her!

3. Do you think that personal grooming is important in today’s world and how do you think it helps empower a woman’s confidence and self esteem? Do you think that the use of BR has helped it?
If your eyes are the window to your soul, your brows are the window frames – strong, sturdy and showcase what’s within. Being groomed well gives me confidence because it makes me feel good. It’s not about what society expects, it’s all about how I feel about myself. Checking one thing off my grooming list is a weight off my shoulders because I don’t have to worry about getting it wrong.

4.Name the beauty tip for women with limited time in the mornings and evenings?
I love my fake up (fake make up). Extensions and Brow Resurrection has literally saved time and sanity for me and allows me to say… I woke up like this.

5. Describe one incident where you had a beauty emergency?
There was once I went to the gym before a meeting, happily thinking I had packed my makeup pouch and would be able to look fabulous straight after. I obviously forgot my pouch and had to fork out an unnecessary fortune buying basics I already had to look good for work. So yes, fake up – the best way to go.