Brow Resurrection with Stefanie Tan

stefanie tan

As Singapore’s number one tennis player with a professional world ranking (also known as WTA Ranking) inside the Top 500, it’s safe to say Stefanie Tan lives and breathes tennis.

“My family loves tennis and I’ve been playing the sport since I was four,” the 24-year-old shares, “In fact, my first tennis coach was my uncle!”

Recently, Stefanie represented Singapore in the Women’s Singles at the 29th SEA Games held in Kuala Lumpur and clinched the bronze medal. “This was the first individual medal Singapore got for tennis in 34 years, so it was a very proud moment for my team and I,” she says.

Away from the glitz and glamour of the competitive arena, there is plenty of hard work and sacrifice that goes into the making of a champion. Stefanie has two 3-hour training sessions each day and trains six times a week. With such a demanding schedule, it’s no wonder Stefanie hardly has time to dabble with skincare and makeup.

“I wash my face in the mornings and each time I shower, which can be up to three times a day because of the amount of training I do. I’m also diligent about applying sunblock before going on court.”

Laughing, she adds, “I try to remember to apply moisturiser as well, but sometimes I forget.”
Stefanie continues, “In fact, the only two makeup items I own are an eyeliner and an eyebrow pencil. However, it looks like I won’t need the eyebrow pencil anymore!”

That’s because Stefanie recently experienced Brow Resurrection. “I’ve always had very light brows but never knew what to do with them,” Stefanie says, “When I was doing TV coverage on FOX, the makeup artist would help fill in my brows [before I went on air]. That’s when I noticed how different I looked with darker, fuller brows.”

With that image in mind, Stefanie worked together with her brow specialist at Browhaus Plaza Singapura outlet to create her perfect brows. “I was completely new to Brow Resurrection and wasn’t sure which treatment was best suited for me. Thankfully, my Brow Specialist was very experienced and gave me excellent recommendations based on my lifestyle habits,” she says.

To give her an idea of what the new brows would look like, Stefanie’s Brow Specialist meticulously drew in each strand with a makeup crayon before the treatment. Once Stefanie was satisfied with the results, the Brow Specialist then proceeded with the treatment. Stefanie says, “I was surprised with how pain-free it was, especially with the numbing cream.”

“I was also surprised that I didn’t need any downtime,” Stefanie adds, “I was concerned my brows would be overly dark or harsh, but it was perfect from the get-go. Apart from being careful when wiping off perspiration, it hasn’t really affected my game at all.”

“In fact,” Stefanie says, laughing, “My coach says he can now see my expressions from across the court more clearly – because of my new brows!”