Brow Resurrection with Sarah Pang

sarah pang

“It’s definition on the go.”

That’s how 32-year-old professional tennis player Sarah Pang describes the Brow Resurrection treatment.
And if there’s anyone who knows about life on the go, it’s Sarah. The athlete trains anywhere between two to seven hours a day, depending how close it is to competition season. In 2017, Sarah competed in a whopping 10 tournaments but says that ideally, she would’ve played between 20 to 30 tournaments. That is a lot of commitment – physically and mentally.

“Tennis is a very resource-intensive sport and being a professional sportsperson can be a lonely journey,” Sarah muses, “The tough thing about high-performance sports is that it’s a gamble – you never know when your hard work will bear fruit. It’s very much like gambling but it’s your career that’s on the line.”

Given the grueling nature of her sport, Sarah treasures the quality time spent with her loved ones. She says, “It’s important to surround yourself with people who help you see what you cannot see.”

Apart from spending time with her community, Sarah also enjoys the company of great thinkers – in the form of books. She cites Tools of Titans by American author Tim Ferriss and Kampung Boy by Malaysian author Mohammad Nor Khalid (better known as Lat) as some of the books that have inspired her.

“Reading is my escape because life on court and on tour can be very intense,” Sarah explains, “It can be easy to forget the many colours that life have to offer.”

Books aside, Sarah also enjoys dabbling with makeup in her free time. She shares, “I love experimenting with different beauty products, but the nature of my job means I don’t get to doll up that often.” This is why she was delighted when she discovered the Brow Resurrection treatment.

“I have very fine eyebrows; they’re pretty much non-existent towards the end,” Sarah laments, “It takes a lot of time and patience to shape the perfect brow, and with my training schedule the way it is, I simply don’t have the time. However, now that I’ve gone through Brow Resurrection, I don’t have to think about my eyebrows anymore.”

Sarah had her treatment done by Browhaus therapist Li Yan at the Raffles City branch. “I liked Li Yan’s energy the minute I met her,” Sarah says, “Initially, I wanted a lighter brow but she managed to convince me to go with the Ombre option.”

With a laugh, Sarah shares that the treatment was so relaxing she fell asleep midway through. “I’d just come from training so I was exhausted,” she says, “However, Li Yan was very confident and knew exactly what she was doing – I trusted I was in safe hands.”

A week after her treatment and Sarah couldn’t be more pleased with her results. As she has always believed eyebrows “can make or break a person’s face,” Sarah is pleased with how Brow Resurrection has “made” her face and added definition to her once-sparse brow area.

She says, “After a week, my brows have visibly lightened and look way more natural. Of course, I make sure to apply the Build and Fix serums before training and before showering.”

From someone who used to over-pluck her eyebrows and had to endure being referred to as “a stunned deer in headlights”, Sarah can now confidently bask in her beautiful new brows!