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Get sparkling eyes with our Eyeliner Embroidery

Drawing on eyeliner can magically transform your eyes, making them look sparkling and awake. But smudged eyeliners aren’t that glamourous. With our eyeliner embroidery service, you can now achieve those pretty eyes even when you’ve had a long day or working out in the gym.

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Eyeliner Embroidery

Outer Eyeliner
Trial Price – HKD 2880
Outer Eyeliner (Makeup like)
Trial Price – HKD 3960
Inner Eyeliner
Trial Price – HKD 2090

Brow Embroidery

Trial Price – HKD 4800
Air Like (Powder Fill)
Trial Price – HKD 3800
Mist Like
Trial Price – HKD 2800

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