Beautiful brows shouldn’t just be a dream

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Let us help you achieve those dream brows

Looking for the perfect arch? Or that brow shape that best complements your features? Beautiful brows isn’t just wishful thinking with us around. Are you ready to finally get the perfect brows that you’ve always dreamed of? Let our brow experts do the thing for you.

Try our semi-permanent brow embroidery services and make your brow dreams come true.

Brow Embroidery

Trial Price – HKD 4800
Air Like (Powder Fill)
Trial Price – HKD 3800
Mist Like
Trial Price – HKD 2800

Eyeliner Embroidery

Outer Eyeliner
Trial Price – HKD 2880
Outer Eyeliner (Makeup like)
Trial Price – HKD 3960
Inner Eyeliner
Trial Price – HKD 2090

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